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Opening time
  • Nov.1st to Mar 30th. From8: 00 30-17: 00
  • Apr.1st to Oct 30th. From8: 00: 30-17: 30
  • Address: Guangdong Dongguan Humen
  • town Jiefang Rd No.88
  • Telephone number: 0769-85512065
  • Fax: 0769-85527770


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1、Humen Lin Zexu memorial museum   open for free   opening hours: Monday to Sunday From 8:30 am to 17:00 pm.
According to the reception ability of our museum, there is a limitation that 2 thousand visitors can visit per day at this stage, so that the historical relic can be protected well and we have a favorable environment. You can visit our museum with the ticket that you should get at the museum gate in order. We provide free tickets in these two periods of time: from 8:30 to 12:00 am, 1200 tickets; and 800 for the time 14:00 to 16:00 pm. You should reserve before 24 hours if there is a group of more than 50 members by two ways: on line or making a call, the number is 0769—85512065, and tickets for this date only. Visitors can visit these sights with tickets: the Pits Ruin Site where Lin Zexu had opium destroyed, “display for Lin Zexu banning opium and history of the Opium war"(closed now for maintaining), “the show of Humen Story” (closed now for maintaining), the contemporary classic works show of painting and calligraphy , monument of Humen Burning opium and related district.
2、The Sea Battle museum
Ticket: for free
Visit with ticket: “the exhibitionof Sea battle”,”Half view painting of Sea Battle at Humen " and the exhibition of drug prohibition of national base of drug prohibition, as well as the square of swearing and long embankment for enjoying the sight of sea.
3 、the Ruin Site of Shajiao batteries
Ticket:         for free
visit with coupon ticket:  Shaojiao Gateway(platform for dispatching), Pinhai Fort, Lingao Fort, Buyu Fort, the monument for Lin ZeXu, the tomb for the devoted soldiers, dock of confiscating opium, Statue of Chen Liansheng,Statue of Chen Liansheng’s horse, Aeromodelling show
4、the Ruin Site of batteries at Weiyuan island
Ticket:         for free
Visit with coupon ticket: the Ruin Site of Weiyuan batteries, Zhenyuan Batteries, JIngyuan Batteries, Nan Shan Ding Batteries, She Tou Wan Batteries and “Pictures show of Sea Battle in Humen”
5、Preferential tourists
People who can visit for free after showing certification are as flows
1, The elderly (male 60,female 55)
2 , retired cadre
3 , NPC members and members of CPPCC
4, active army, honor serviceman and People's Liberation Army
5, Students organized by schools
6 , under age with parents
7 , handicapped