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  • Nov.1st to Mar 30th. From8: 00 30-17: 00
  • Apr.1st to Oct 30th. From8: 00: 30-17: 30
  • Address: Guangdong Dongguan Humen
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Museum Introduction

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Opium War is an important turning point in Chinese history.the capitalist powers force china to open her door, independent feudal China gradually turned into a semi-colonial and semi-feudal society, the Chinese people suffered the unprecedented suffering and humiliation. In the Opium War, our national hero, and those unknown people who use their own blood and lives to defend the country and people, wrote down the Chinese nation ' s great and heavy history of against foreign aggression. Opium War museum bears the mission of recording these history, introducing these humiliating history and the heros who sacrificed for national independence and liberation, people ' s happiness and prosperity of the country.
As a national key patriotism education base, we always trust the patriotism is a banner of unity and struggle for Chinese people, which has always been the cohesion and solidarity of our nation, the enormous spiritual power of encouraging and inspiring our self-reliance, perseverance and overcoming difficulties to win victory. We will promote patriotism spirit.We will change it into our action to build the Chinese socialism.Getting this great opportunity,we will try our best to do things valuble for the development and best performance. As members of the Opium War museum,we are working with the high spirit to cultivate the musem to be the first class in China and well known in the world.
Finally, we warmly welcome more and more domestic and international friends to visit our museum, with your regards and supportings.